What You Can Expect From Your Visit – Overview


Dr. Robert Thompson and his team are pleased to see physician- and self-referred patients for the evaluation and treatment of all types of TOS at the Washington University Center for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Patients seen for an initial visit can expect thorough evaluation in the office setting by Dr. Thompson and his staff, with ample time allowed for understanding their condition,  physician recommendations, and  questions. After this initial assessment, additional evaluation or testing procedures may be recommended, including physical therapy assessment and/or treatment, further diagnostic procedures (e.g., plain X-rays, CT or MRI imaging studies, arteriography, electrophysiologic testing, or scalene/pectoralis muscle blocks), and/or surgical treatment. We expect to continue follow-up with all of our patients in order to facilitate further steps in care and to help achieve the optimal treatment outcomes possible.

Clinical Offices Information

We see new and established patients in our principal offices on most days of the week at:
The Vascular Surgery Offices
Suite 5101 of Queeny Tower
Barnes-Jewish Hospital South Campus

On Thursdays of each week, we also see patients for follow-up visits in:
The Heart and Vascular Center
Suite 8A of the Center for Advanced Medicine
North Campus of Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Patients scheduled for an office visit with Dr. Thompson should call Della Brink at 314-362-7410 to confirm their appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled time..

Physical Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy evaluations and treatment are conducted with one of the selected physical therapists associated with our TOS Center at:
The Rehabilitation Center of St. Louis (TRISL)
4455 Duncan Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63110

Appointments may be scheduled with Matt Driskill, Jeanne Earley, Jill Johnson, or Michelle Kinney by calling 314-658-3800.

Pain Management

Interventional pain management procedures, such as scalene/pectoralis muscle blocks, are conducted through Dr. Rastogi at:
Washington University School of Medicine Pain Management Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Suite 10A of the Center for Advanced Medicine
North Campus of Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Appointments may be scheduled by calling 314-362-8820.


Imaging procedures, such as CT and MRI scanning and angiography, are conducted through the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR). There are several locations available for imaging procedures, depending on the type of study needed, availability, and patient preference, including Barnes-Jewish Hospital South, the Center for Advanced Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital North, and Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital.

Appointments may be scheduled by calling 314-362-7111.

Before Surgery — Preoperative Assessment & Planning

Patients scheduled for surgery should plan to have a preoperative visit in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Center for Preoperative Assessment & Planning (C-PAP), located in the Shoenberg Pavilion of Barnes-Jewish Hospital North Campus. C-PAP evaluation must be completed within 30 days of any scheduled operation.

Appointments may be scheduled by calling 314-362-4275 or 800-828-3783.

TOS Surgery

All surgery for patients with TOS is provided in the main operating rooms in the Southwest Tower of Barnes-Jewish Hospital South Campus.

Patients scheduled for surgery should contact Della Brink at 314-362-7410 to obtain an exact arrival time and location, and information on family waiting areas.