Hospital Units

4300 Observation Unit
Barnes-Jewish Hospital

After most surgical procedures for TOS, our patients initially stay in the 4300 Surgical Observation Unit. This is an intermediate care unit with individual rooms and open visiting hours. The 4300 observation unit nurses are highly skilled and well acquainted with all of our protocols for the care of patients with TOS.

7500 Vascular Surgery
Barnes-Jewish Hospital

The 7500 nursing unit is the inpatient home of the Vascular Surgery service at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Following surgery and initial care in 4300, our patients with TOS stay on 7500 until ready for hospital discharge. Although rooms on 7500 are designated semi-private with regulated visiting hours, it is often possible to arrange a private room subject to availability and medical needs. The 7500 nursing staff and other personnel are very familiar with all forms of TOS and are committed to helping patients make an optimal transition from early postoperative care to hospital discharge. After release from the hospital, many of our patients will subsequently stay for a short period in a local hotel to facilitate early postoperative office visits, reinstitution of physical therapy, and other outpatient management, before making plans to return home.