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Dani Goestenkors

Research Study Assistant

Dani is a clinical research study assistant who has recently joined our TOS team. Prior to joining our team Dani worked as a medical assistant to joining The Center for TOS. As an assistant, Dani collects and records data from patients that have been treated for TOS. Prior to working with us Dani was with Electrophysiology in the Heart & Vascular Clinic for 4 years. She is currently studying at Washington University to receive her bachelor’s in science of nursing degree. She is from Illinois but enjoys cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals and enjoys spending time with family. She also loves a good joke.

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Karen Henderson, RN, BSN

Registered Nurse

Karen is a registered nurse at Washington University Vascular Surgery. She obtained her initial experience as a registered nurse at Saint Louis University Hospital in St. Louis, MO., where she worked for 3 years in the Abdominal Transplant Service focusing on end-stage liver disease and end-stage kidney disease. She then moved to Saint Louis University as a research nurse specializing in Hematology/Oncology.  About 2 years later, Karen moved into her current role as a registered nurse in Vascular Surgery, where she works in collaboration with our team to provide initial patient assessments, clinical histories, treatment, and post-operative care for patients with arterial and venous insufficiency, vascular aneurysms and stenosis, and thoracic outlet syndrome. In addition, Karen is a St. Louis native and has one daughter.

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Ashley LeMarr

Medical Assistant

Ashley is a medical assistant at Washington University Vascular Surgery.  She moved here from Colorado Springs, CO in June of 2018 with her family. She has been a Medical Assistant for 14 years working in multiple specialties such as Cardiology, Hepatology, Oncology and Dialysis. She coordinated and oversaw the Congestive Heart Failure clinic and support group at University of Colorado Memorial Hospital. Ashley was the MA coordinator for Hepatitis C and Hepatology education and treatment while working in Colorado Springs.  Ashley is currently studying at Washington University to receive her bachelor’s in science of nursing degree.  She is married and has three children. Ashley is an avid Colorado Rockies fan and enjoys hiking, going to sporting events and spending time with family.