Other Consultants and Services

Washington University School of Medicine is considered one of the nation’s top ten medical schools and a leading biomedical research institution, and Barnes-Jewish Hospital is a premier tertiary-referral medical center in which all attending physician staff are faculty members at Washington University. Barnes-Jewish Hospital thereby offers an extraordinary breadth of clinical expertise and services, meeting virtually any needs that may arise in the care of our patients with respect to additional specialist consultation, diagnostic studies, and treatment. We work particularly closely with nationally recognized specialists in the following areas:


Neurology Thoracic Surgery  General Surgery
Hematology Orthopedic Spine Surgery  Neurosurgical Spine Surgery
Plastic Surgery  Plastic Hand Surgery  Orthopedic Hand Surgery
Sports Medicine  Neuromuscular Diseases  Electrophysiologic Testing
Vascular Laboratory  Occupational Medicine  Biostatistics